TOP 5 Playtech Slots Editor's Choice

Hi, there! I think it's high time to get to know each other better. So, let me start... My name is Sharon Walker.

Here you've already read my posts... If no, you have heaps of time to correct the bloomer ;)))

Now I'm gonna to share something private with you... Yeap. I'm addicted to slot games. You too? Then we have something in common ;)

I'm a pretty experienced gambler, thus, only Playtech slot machines make me crazy.

Of course, you have own preferences and it's not a secret that tastes differ... But let me show why Playtech slots are the best to play for cash.

To answer this burning question, I decided to make my own top list. You can be at one with me or not... But here comes my TOP 5 Playtech slots to try.

1. Great Blue

Great Blue

Evidently, this slot game stands first on the list. Why? No difficulties or complications. Just relaxing moments of your gambling. Playtech hasn't created another such a slot game to surpass itself yet.

So, if you are seeking for fresh breezy fun, ocean of money prizes and light gainful bonus features then you will like the game. It's not bla bla bla, because this game DOES BRING you GREAT WINS even playing with law stakes.

2. Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2

The second best are Marvel Comics Slots... ALL of them. Yeah. Since October 2009, when the series was launched, the online slots world hasn't been the same...

Special and unique 4 Marvel Progressive Jackpots, numerous bonus features and just favourite heroes on the reels make you come back for more. Playing them, you can feel as a superhero. Cool?

But my fav is Iron Man 2. The slot has everything to electrify your life. Powerful wins, mad bonus features, doubled symbols of War Machines and... Obviously, playboy (!) and genius Tony Stark. As for me, if win, only with him.

Of course, you can choose your comics hero... Besides, all slots of Marvel series have something in common.

So, you can also try Incredible Hulk, Punisher, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Thor, Daredevil and Elektra etc. You can hardly say which is better one, can't you? That's exactly what I mean.

3. Gladiator


Movie themed slots are the number three. Yeah. It's a category again. But hey, let's be charitable... Try them at first. They are so different and so cool... All of them are the best in some way.

Gladiator is one of the most popular and really worth to be the number three. Here you can view moments from the film and even become a real gladiator at Coliseum Bonus... If you are ready to take part in gainful fights, then the arena is waiting for you.

Also, I advise you to play such highlighting movie slots as King Kong, Rocky, Baywatch and Marilyn Monroe to dive into the fantastic world of movie. Then, you'll understand me for sure ;)

4. Desert Treasure 2

Desert Treasure 2

Number four. Here you will find adventure Desert Treasure 2 Slot that is a sequel to alluring Desert Treasure that is also very popular. Here you will get enhanced bonus features and seducing cash prizes. Eager to bring gainful adventures to your everydayness? Then it's your game.

5. A Night Out

A Night Out

Number five in my top list will make you go wild and groove on till the sunrise... A Night Out welcomes you to dance and make your free time a lucrative party. Thus, if you want sweet cocktails, a piece of flirt and heady cash wins... The slot game is exactly what you need.

At parting and not to waste your time anymore, I just would like to welcome you on the best site about slots. Just feel free to read our comprehensive and, I hope, enticing reviews to choose the appropriate game for you. So, good luck and see you soon at large of gambling online! :)

P.S. Don't agree? Submit your own TOP 5 online slots! C'mon, don't be shy ;)


12:25 | 28 May 2013 by Sharon Walker | Rating 4 |


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My top 5 ;) 1. Bonus Bears 2. Great Blue 3. Incredible Hulk 4. Gladiator 5. Thai Paradise
13:19 | 18 Jun 2013 | Rating 1 |
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