To play hard and outburst all your passion suppressed at work. To play with destiny at high stakes. High roller slots is not only about money. It is about hazard, joy and tension. It is about pure life. Top software providers are eager to present you a decent solution to your stress. A wide range of high roller slot machines can be found within the collections of Microgaming, RTG, Playtech, NetEnt. They all have their advantages, peculiarities and winning history. Play from $125 and higher. That is the sum per spin when slot becomes a real treat. However, nothing compares with Playtech slots that offer you to play up to $1,000 per spin... or even more. Just imagine what prizes wait for you. What tension!

Bonus Games

Noone cancels bonus features. They are like fresh air for your gambling vacation. Free Spins, Pick-an-Item, Choose-the-Card and other destiny-make games can be found within most slot games today. Of course, there are favourites. The games that are as joyful as profitable. Nothing compares with Free Spins flavoured with multipliers. Activating this feature you can increase your winnings without spending a dime. Even 20 Free Spins with the total bet of $200 can save you $4,000 and even bring some nice award. So, choose the slots with such an option to play wise and win more.


The constant fight between classic and advanced remains fierce for online casino games as well. There are many opinions concerning what games are the best. What games bring you more cash. Do you believe that classic slots are the most advantageous with their better chances to win really impressive awards? Ooops. There are no high roller classic slots. Not in such quantity and variety as for multiline games. Perhaps, it is the true that classic slots hits better prizes. Otherwise, casinos won't hide these games from the players. However, maybe everything is about popularity and demand. No risky people striving for great emotions will stay for hours watching 3 reels cracking on the screen. No sounds, no bonus games, no impressive graphics. So, what high roller slots is for you? Merry games to make your routine a little bit hotter or special machines to earn some cash?


The other thing to meet your luck and enjoy risky adventure is a progressive slot machine. Thus, you keep playing and get the chance to win some another incredible prize. Such progressive slots are linked with each other and while people play them, the desired jackpot increases. Just think twice whether you really need to play progressive games with high stakes? The whole idea of such slots is that you play with small budget, a penny, or a dollar and can win such huge sums. Of course, there are some slots with such tempting jackpot type that require you to play with the highest bets possible. Anyway, such bets per spin are not so astonishing as you used to. Thus, maybe don't mix these two types to take advantage of them both.

Loose Slots

The higher payout some slot has, the better prizes you will get. Well, actually it depends. Usually, loose slot machines can boast of the higher payout so that you return your spendings on the long run. However, there are some options to consider before making some decision. Note that the looser the slot it, the lower prizes can be. Just imagine – you win constantly, spin after spin, but the prizes are so small. From 5 to 10 coins only. Yeap. This is the question of players type. Whether you prefer to wait for long and win some really huge award. Or do you want to burst in joy every time the slot hits some prize. It is up to you to decide... and choose the slot that seems to be perfect just for you.

Expanding Wild

Almost all new slots released recently has this feature in this pocket of wonders. Expanding, stacked and so multiplying. 2 times or 3 times with at least one symbol on every payline. Now your chances to win increase enormously and your destiny to hit the top prizes meets you on the reels. This time a wild symbol is not just a substitute to complete your winning combination but also a great masterpiece of designers. Your favourite heroes, whales and other magnetic creatures expand on the whole reel with magic prizes to enjoy. Now the games become more sophisticated with more impressive prizes. There are slot machines that include such feature activated during Free Spins only. There are also online slots that allow you to play with expanding wild during the main game as well as Free Spins or whatever. On the whole, the selection of slots for high rollers impresses. Games with different bonus options, super heroes and plenty of prizes to win. We collect the best and the most popular games here for you to show what a real hazardous player should try in their gambling life. You also can get some special bonuses for high rollers. Choose the slot that attracts your imagination with the possible prizes and a good past time. Depending on the software it is released with, you can play in some online casinos. They offer you some promotions to double or even quadruple your budget and play with better account. Thus, you can increase your deposit and play with as much cash as you want. Of course, there are some special requirements to meet. You can find all the necessary information in our reviews to check whether some or another bonus is a finding for you. Play multiline slots with bonus features and special coin denominations to make really high stakes. To have a good time is an art. Just make it a real masterpiece with the most favorable games to tickle your vanity. Author:

High Roller Slots

High Roller Slots
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