The latest tendency with new slot machines is 243 ways format. It allows you to forget about paylines and get a prize everytime the necessary combination of symbols appear on the adjacent reels. The main rule is to get them located left to right. Some players suppose it is great. Others think that it just reduce their chances to win some huge prizes. So, what is the secret? Whether you really can win more with more ways presented? It's all about luck with slots. Don't forget it. And of course, try really cool slot machines released recently.

Hot Slot Machines

Thunderstruck 2, Burning Desire, Immortal Romance, The Dark Knight. As you may notice these slots are the creatures of trusted Microgaming. Yeap. Actually, only this brand has produced games in such format. They also present you slots with even 1024 Win Ways. However, the system is the same – you need to collect 3 or 5 required symbols to win. Microgaming can boast of different video effects. Just try The Dark Knight slot machine with breathtaking cinematic clips that transfer you into the thrilling moments of Batman saga. Thus, you will enjoy all the power of Batman's charm and Joker's violence. Feel the burning desire to win in your soul. And of course, enjoy the other bonus features presented. Hope other software providers will also make something as incredible as these slot games. With more ways to win for you. And really awesome graphics and heroes to dive into the world of mystery and hazard.

No Download

Surf Safari, Untamed Giant Panda, Jekyll and Hyde, The Land of Lemuria. All these 243 ways slots are available in no download format. Thus, you can enter your casino account directly through the browser without worrying that you have no access to your download version now. Moreover, Microgaming starts to present no download slotsonly. What does it mean? These slot games won't be found within your download collection. Yeap. The only way to play them and make your own opinion is to enjoy flash format. So, don't miss the newest releases!


The magic of progressive jackpots is that you can play with small bets and win really huge sums. Now combine it with 243 chances to win! As you may notice or find out later, almost all slots with 243 ways have limit for your money spent. Usually, there are coin sizes varying from $0.01 to $0.02 or $0.05. Yes, this is not too much. On the whole, the largest total bet possible per spin can be about $22-$25. That is not too much, but it allows you to avoid risks and play till the large sum of progressive jackpot is got. Of course, we also should mention slots that offer you 243 ways as well as the opportunity to play with such huge total bets as $125 or even $250. Even high rollers can be satisfied with these options. However, progressive jackpots are not included for these slot types.

Bonus Features

Tasty sweeties. We all love them. Batman appearing on the reels with a random prize. Laughing Joker to burn the whole reels down and present you another win. And of course, Free Spins with multipliers and different bonus to test our intuition. Usually, bonus games are created in Pick-an-Item style. Well, sometimes it may seem that to choose among several pearls or mushrooms has nothing to do with fun. But just get started and you will be absorbed in the whole process trying to activate the bonus feature again and again. Why is it so? Just because the possible win was so close. Just one right choice ahead. Maybe the next time you will be more wise or more lucky. The next time you activate so desired feature with several honey bees to choose from... and become really obsessed with the whole process.

Expanding Wild

As for me, slots with expanding wild symbols are really cool. If some slot game has such a feature, I know that I will like it. Or at least try to find out. Apart from amazing graphics and impressive effects that appear when expanding wild activates on the reels, these slots also present you decent awards. Especially if there is some cute multiplier added. If you don't know what I am talking about, try Immortal Romance slot with its Wild Feature. Of course, there is nothing interesting except bloody drops on your screen. Nothing except all the 5 reels turning wild... with according prizes to appreciate. It seems to be more than just satisfying. It is cool.

Free Spins

Well, there is nothing special actually. Today to find a slot without free spins can be a challenge. Now the most important question is whether they hit often and how lucrative is this feature for every game. Sometimes you can wait it for ages, patiently, hopefully. And get some prize equal to $20 or so. With $150 spent to reach this option. Seems unfair? Yeap. Of course, there are some online free spins slots that guarantee you really impressive awards. To activate these feature is a matter of time... and cash spent. However, just play without trying to win Free Spins at any cost.

Chances to Win

Tastes differ. Some players hate 243 ways slots saying they are useless and bring neither prizes nor satisfaction. Others offer them to learn to play and suppose that this format is another step for a slot of a dream. You will never know if not try. Just prepare for small wins without huge sums spent and huge sums won. However, everything is possible and maybe you are the lucky one who creams off the best in these slots types. Just be patient and have fun.


243 Ways Slots

243 Ways Slots
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