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As soon as the human city sinks into a deep sleep... The barking MAFIA wakes up to make the DREADfully shady dealings under control of their wicked BOSS at Dogfather slot machine. With a nose for big dough, he's got a final Microgaming authority in the criminal no download world full of four-legged hooligans that survive the cut on 20 paylines though.

So, not every mongrel can boast of this 5 reel gang membership. The candidates should prove themselves to be very much loyal and obedient to the Don BULLdog. Only in this case, they will get a hard chance to become BAD BOYs joining the biting struggle for the top murderous jackpot of $65,000 or the scatter reward equal to $10,000.

Moreover, sniffing around every winning millimeter at the Mark Your Territory Bonus... It wouldn't be so dusty for the newcomers to find the stealthy hole. So that the whole armed-to-the-teeth mob may go into hiding there during 13 Free Spins and not only.

Dogfather symbols

Jackpots and Coin Sizes

Every tailed mafioso striving to be like the tough 'un from Hitman slots should comply with the gambling code of laws that keep them on a short leash. Anyway, they leave open the possibility to play for real money and...

Win BIG thanks to the maximum stake of $100 or even the one that starts with $0.20! Up to 5 coins of the values such as $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.25, $0.50 and $1.00 are put on each payline at that time.

But as in all things, different quarrels and confrontations happen inside the crimeful organization from time to time. And only the Dogfather can patch up the spinning disputes. That's why, it just takes to gain sight of 5 these images at the highest bet and... Everyone becomes quiet enjoying the most respectful jackpot of 13,000 coins or $65,000.

Wild Symbol

Wild Symbol

To utter any WUFF-WUFF counter to the Dogfather? Oh, hardly any shaggy racketeer can have the guts to do that for fear of this WILD LEADER. Holding in his submission all the illegal spheres, the Dogfather may get rid of the casual bystanders with ease. Let alone the slots symbols that block his winning way. Nevertheless, he won't mess with the scatters and bonus icons and replace them by way of exception.

The severe looks of the Dogfather make clear that he is not a beast to trifle with. At all! And if promising to award you with the deserved prize... He'll meet his pledge bringing you the highest overwhelming jackpot of 13,000 coins. However, it's necessary to take it seriously as well and look for 5 wilds when playing with $100 per spin herewith.

Scatter Symbol

Scatter Symbol

One of the dogs' bitterest enemies is the Itchy da Flea that is so much troublesome even when it is alone. But finding the swarm of these bloodsucking creeps scattered all over the body... Gosh! The maleficent bone-eaters will drive CRAZYYY in this case. What is more, arming themselves with patience and knocking off 5 Itchy da Fleas, there's a crashing chance to receive up to $10,000!

Why not grasp at least 3 scattered insects as well to start the Free Spins Feature going along with the 3x Multiplier and biting winnings for sure? Before the bonus game is triggered, you also increase your total stake by 5, 10 or 100 times according to the number of Itchy da Fleas shown at once.

Bonus Game

Mark Your Territory Bonus

At every brutal turn... The muzzle-free cutthroats will deal with the feline clan members who don't want just to mind their own CATCH-a-MOUSE business but...

Play dirty tricks on their growling hostiles trying to get inside the Mark Your Territory Feature guarded by the watch-dogs. However, the latter ones will let into the bonus game in case 3, 4 or 5 Hydrants are hit.

Well, 13 Hydrants of different colors are here to choose at least 3 of them and... Open them one by one revealing the concealed cash prizes. Hey, step aside! Not to be overtaken by a POWERful money current that can sweep you off your feet with ease!

Besides, the BLOOD revenge is waiting for 3 or more Itchy da Fleas that bother the busy mobsters but bring 13 Free Spins at the same time.

Free Spins

So, shall you lend the anti-parasite shampoo to the backstreet villains? Hm... Maybe, not. As you can reap benefits of that cause you triple all the wins during this creepy feature.

Definitely, the impudence of the scattered fleas passes all bounds. Nevertheless, any moment it may lead to the retriggering of Free Spins. Yeah, that works in your favor!

To button up the mouth... This rule is considered to be the principal one at Dogfather slots. Anyway, you may look for someone with a long tail and a loose tongue ready to blab the gambling secrets to you in exchange for the real cash reward or even the highest jackpot of $65,000.


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