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Forest of Wonders slot review

“I've often seen a cat without a grin; but a grin without a cat!” Curious, isn't it? And what about you? Haven't you caught sight of that either? As well as the known Alice discovering the fantastic world... Playing Forest of Wonders slots, you will get a chance to see a lot of magical things and... Win a lot of fairy money!

Making just a few steps, you find yourself at the enigmatic land. Offering you to wander along the secret 25 paylines and gather plenty of cryptic and unimaginable winnings hidden on all 5 reels.

Any time, you may run across the Cheshire cat smiling from ear to ear... Before you can bat an eye, he will disappear and other inconceivable personages will be in front of you. Enticing you to go deeper into the enchanted Playtech Forest. Full of unforgettable adventures and fabulous prizes!

Progressive Jackpot

Ready for the breathtaking wins that can make you crazy like the old hatter? Then, play for real money and enable Dollar Ball game. So that to try your luck and catch the mind-blowing progressive jackpot.

This extra bonus game resembles the bingo. As here you need to choose various 5 numbers out of 49 possible. If some of them coincide with the winning ones, you will be given the nice award. But!

In case you guess all the numbers... His Excellency progressive jackpot will fall upon you from... Hm... Maybe, from the top of the lofty tree where our mysterious cat is sitting.

Jackpots and Coin Sizes

All the creatures of the wonderful Forest have their own pocket money. Moreover, running past the bushes or through the thicket, they often lose their gold coins of various sizes. So, don't be surprised when you can find $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00 and $5.00 coins at different places of the woods.

Forest of Wonders symbols

Feel free to pick up any of these coins. So that to spin the reels with them. Besides, each payline accepts up to 10 coins to give you much more money prizes!

Looking for the priceless riches of Caterpillar, March Hare, White Rabbit or other amazing forest dwellers, also select the most suitable bet. The minimum stake of $0.25 will show you the looong way to the treasures.

To approach the desired money winnings as soon as possible, set your choice on the largest bet of $1,250. Gambling with it, you may treat 5 Dormice to a cup of delicious tea. But in exchange for the bewitching jackpot of 5,000 coins or $250,000!

Wild Symbol


Who is enjoying a balmy sleep? Well, it's funny Dormouse that cares nothing but to relax well and send YOU to sleep. Not to share the great prizes with you. Can you withstand the lulling blowing of this wild symbol? Then, you can gain the additional wins replacing other symbols with the wilds.

Moreover, hitting 5 Dormouse symbols simultaneously, you can be just stiffened with astonishment! Cause this winning combination brings you the top magical jackpot of 5,000 coins or $250,000 when gambling with $1,250 per spin. So, ready to fight against sleep because of such exhilarating gift?

Scatter Symbol


Measured noses with the White Rabbit with a watch while gambling? He is so busy, always in a hurry... And he realizes that the time is money. So, he doesn't want to waste a minute. So that to appear on the reels and offer you to multiply your total bet. As in addition, White Rabbit acts the part of the scatter symbol.

Tread in the steps of the White Rabbit to find the way to his form. Full of various precious prizes. Thus, noticing 3 or more scatters at a time, you can activate Free Spins Feature and start collecting lots of spellful winnings.

Bonus Game

Bonus game

It's pretty strange that White Rabbits wear jackets... With pockets, on top of all that! It's obvious that they keep something valuable there...

Something that can give you the guaranteed presents! And it is... Free Spins, certainly! As they are so desirable and profitable while gambling.

Have a desire to win extra gold coins? Then, just don't let 3, 4 or 5 White Rabbits sneak off the reels.

Choose one of the Rabbits and gain up to 15 Free Spins. Trigger the bonus and gather the gifts!

Forest of Wonders

Like picking mushrooms? What about cash mushrooms? Have you ever seen them? Playing Forest of Wonders slot machine, you are offered to find just at least 3 Mushrooms on the active paylines and activate the exclusive Bonus Round.

At once you move to the miraculous glade with 12 fairy mushrooms. Take various 3 of them and collect your gained winnings. Or you may risk and... Continue playing and selecting 3 more mushrooms again. In general, you have 4 attempts to find the most lucrative gambling mushrooms!

Your childhood is over! However... The doors to the dreamlike kingdom of the alluring prizes are still open! So, play Forest of Wonders video slot online and... The money vortex will send you whirling!


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Forest of Wonders

Forest of Wonders slots

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