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Fearless Frederick slot review

No flexible hours. No days off. No free time. Yeah, it's hard to be a superhero but... There is no way out. Cause the whole gambling mankind needs to be protected at Fearless Frederick slots machine. That's why, whatever 5 reel disaster you face there, make no doubt... The handsome brave-heart will do his work first-rate giving you the top FANTASTIC jackpot of $14,000!

Help! HE-E-ELP! Well, such blood curdling scream is so common for our Microgaming character that... Scarcely catching the sound of it, when he darts off and rushes towards the sufferer on 30 paylines. So that to come to the money-making rescue with the scatter prize equal to $6,000!

Wanna have a closer look at his day-to-day saving whirlpool? Hm... Why not? You are just offered to get the thrilling Bonus Game that can award you with Free Spins and 3x Multiplier. What is more, finding yourself inside the Gamble Feature, you'll easily receive the EXTRA crashing winnings thanks to your spinning luck.

Fearless Frederick symbols

Jackpots and Coin Sizes

New deadly missions every time... Gosh! Only a fellow with the NON-HUMAN powers such as Freddy (and another one from Batman – the Dark Knight slots) can stand all of that. But what if he runs out of gambling steam one day? Ooooh!.. You mustn't let the things go as faaar as that. That's why, put MORE and MORE energy and spirit into him while playing for real money with the stakes from $0.30 up to $60.

Ferret about in your pockets. You'll find the coins of $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10 and $0.20 values there. Well, you are free to place up to 10 of them on each break-neck payline and... Call 5 wild heroes that may appear as if from nowhere with the TOP speed bet of 300 coins or $60 to... Bring you the highest striking jackpot of 7,000 coins or $14,000. Have got quite a good reaction to follow it?

Wild Symbol

Wild Symbol

Staying EXTREMEly hard-eyed and wild for the evil side of the world, Frederick will definitely show you his warm heart and CASH generosity after coming down to the futuristic reels from the gambling clouds! It just takes you to shoot a glance at him there and... This guy will take place of other slots images apart from the scatters completing the additional lucrative combos with the DOUBLE prizes then!

But placing the biggest stake of $60 or 300 coins... You've got a KICKIN' chance to fully realize Frederick's SUPER wild NATURE and gain the most tremendous jackpot of 7,000 coins as soon as 5 images of his smile on you in a radiant and winning way.

Scatter Symbol

Scatter Symbol

Besides his overPOWERing beauty, this Microgaming hero owns the muscles of iron. Gosh! It's out of the question to keep such a WOOHOO Torso hidden. Cause all the chicks are surely eager to feast their eyes on its jaw-dropping scatter sight! NOOON-stop. Moreover, staring at 5 Torsos at the greatest stake simultaneously... Heeeey! Don't blush but receive the dizzying scatter reward equal to $6,000!

By the way, the intrepid guy is ready to stick out his 3, 4 or 5 Torsos. To present himself to you at his best increasing your total bet by 5, 20 or even... 100 times! And to lead you to the impressive Bonus Game with the profusion of money and Free Spins. However, if you hit 2 scatters at once, take delight in the double stake trophy! Not too bad as well, is it?

Bonus Game

Fearless Frederick Feature

For the good of the gambling society... Our bold spirit feels like leaping into the life-saving action at the HIGH-RISK Fearless Frederick Feature. Activating it by no less than 3 scatters, you'll find the blond rescuer in the secret room with the special screens. Thanks to them, he's able to stay tuned and... Control the accident areas.

What the mischief! All the monitors (as if they are in collusion) let Freddy see that 3 dreadful fatalities are about to happen inevitably unless he lends his urgent support. But... Where is he to hasten first of all? Oh, it's a great spinning dilemma!

There is a poor girl trapped in the burning house. Good heavens! She's crying out for help! At the same time, the whole population is in danger because of the HUGE asteroid approaching the reel Earth closer and closer. Second by second! Nevertheless, it'll be inexcusable not to stop the train that is racing at a breakneck speed and... To kill the entirely blameless passengers.

Unfortunately, Frederick can't be everywhere at once. That's why, it's you who should come to a heart-tearing decision and... Send our character to the certain full-of-pluck exploit. Will he perform it with a winning BANG? Yahoo! In this case, you can grasp the overwhelming money prize or up to 25 Free Spins.

Gamble Feature

In addition, within Free Spins Bonus all your gains are tripled and... You are welcome to retrigger Free Spins any time!

Oops! What if noticing the slots slasher off form? Hm... He can fail his epic feat this time. But it's not the reason to be cross with Freddy at all! Cause he'll carry you the pretty good consolation prize then. Deal?

To win the gambling glory? Well, this sporty charmer is by no means inclined to that! On the contrary, he offers you to step into the Gamble Feature every now and then. So that to make yourself a LUCKY name there. Just select the correct card color or suit following your intuition's hints and... Multiply your bonus bestowal by 2x or 4x respectively.

How strange it is... The gambling sky is clear enough but a fireball can be seen at every whipstitch. Jeez! Is there the online threat of a storm and you have to take to your heels? Hey, you! Stay where you are! As this is the BRAVE knockout from Fearless Frederick slots flying towards you! To load you with the colossal money gifts if you play for real!


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Fearless Frederick

Fearless Frederick slots

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